Friday, December 7, 2018

Friday, December7th

Dear parents,

We have had a very exciting week. The children have been practicing nonstop for the holiday program next Tuesday. Your child will need to be at the school by 6:30 pm. You will drop them off in the large classroom in Lower Elementary.

Next week will be extra busy!! Monday and Tuesday we will be practicing for the program. Be sure your child is here for those practices. Wednesday, Classroom 1 and 2 will be going to the nursing home for caroling and spreading holiday cheer. Thursday, Classroom 3 will be going to the nursing home. Thursday afternoon we will be having a Christmas presentation conducted by a few of our students. Friday morning the children may wear their pajamas! Be mindful your child will need to wear bowling shoes so avoid footed pajamas. When we return we will play games and eat pizza for lunch. Be sure to send in all permission slips and money.

We will dismiss at 1:00 pm on Friday. There is NO AFTERCARE. 

Mrs. Tejal will be leaving for a short visit to India on Saturday. We look forward to having her back when we return in January. Mrs. Shweta will be joining her in Classroom 2. Next Friday is Mrs. Sara's last day. Her children and her will be joining her husband in Huntsville. We wish her the best!

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

A Great First Week Back (November 25th-30th)

Dear, parents
We had a wonderful first week back. Students were
all focused and ready to finish their jobs. Next week
we will continue practice on Roman Numerals.
We will work closely with the students on how to
properly use a dictionary. We will also be discussing
the needs of humans as well as researching a river
within the world. For science, students will learn about
the three types of force: gravity, electromagnetic, and

Please check your child’s folder for the Holiday
Store Schedule. This is a wonderful fundraiser that
our middle school students conduct in order to help
pay for their spring field trip to the Everglades.

Below are some important dates.

December 11th Holiday Performance 7:00 pm (
students must arrive by 6:30 pm)
December 12th Shelby Ridge Nursing Home
Classroom 1 and 2
December 13th Shelby Ridge Nursing Home
Classroom 3

December 14th Bowling Party and early
dismissal at 1 pm NO AFTERCARE

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Hope you all had a great week!

We hope everyone had a great week off. We are all excited to start back school tomorrow.

This week, 1st graders will be given lessons on multiplication, basic concepts in geometry, verb practice, prefixes/suffixes, as well as editing using commas. The 2nd and 3rd graders will receive lessons on subtraction, quotation marks, prefixes/suffixes, and parts of a line in geometry.

Students will be conducting science experiments on static electricity during the week. Also students will be learning the parts of a river in geography. This week teachers will be presenting Great Lesson 5. The Great Lessons were five stories written by Dr. Montessori herself. The 5th great lesson is titled "The Story of Numbers" also called the History of Mathematics. This lesson begins with the earliest civilizations, who often only had "one", "two", and "more than two" as their numeric system. It continues with a look at different numbering systems throughout the centuries, culminating in the decimal system that we use today. The children will also be given lessons on using Roman Numerals as follow-up work.

Please remember to send in your $5 for amaryllis bulbs. The children will all be taking these to the local nursing home as well as singing holiday songs on their visit. Also if you have not turned in your child's permission slip for the holiday performance please do so. Mrs Cheryl is working very hard to assign roles. If for some reason your family will be out of town please let a teacher know as soon as possible.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Week in Review: November 5-9

What an amazing week we had in Lower Elementary. On Tuesday, Classroom 1 and 2 went to see the musical Peter Pan and we all celebrated Diwali that afternoon.

Please remember that we have started our annual Food Drive this week. Help us out by donating to the Catholic Center of Concern by bringing in the following items.

Classroom 1 (Genie's room): Cereal
Classroom 2 (Sara and Tejal's room): peanut butter/ Jelly or Jam
Classroom 3 (Amber and Catherine's room): Can goods

Important Dates and Reminders

Monday, November 12th NO SCHOOL/Veterans' Day
Tuesday, November 13th Classroom 3's Field Trip to Peter Pan
Tuesday, November 13th NO SCHOOL LUNCH
Wednesday, November 13th Peace Assembly at 9:00 am
Friday, November 16th DISMISS at 1 pm

Thanksgiving Break will be November 19-23.

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Week in Review: October 29 - Nov 2

We had another great week in Lower Elementary. On Wednesday we celebrated Halloween but we still worked hard the other four days!

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Week in Review: October 22-26

This week the first graders were given presentations on: addition, adding fractions, polygons, comparing numbers, number words, noun families, prefixes, syllables, and capital letters, and periods.

The second graders were given presentations on Checkerboard multiplication, adding improper fractions, polygons, comparing numbers, coordinate grids, preposition introduction, prefix practice, syllables, and editing with proper nouns, and punctuation.

The third graders were given presentations on Checkerboard Multiplication, adding improper fractions, polygons, comparing numbers, coordinate grids, pronoun box, prefix practice, syllables, and editing with proper nouns, and punctuation.

All students were presented with our cultural lessons. For science we studied types of energy. The students were given Great Lesson 4 for their history lesson. And finally, for geography we studied the rock cycle.

Monday, October 22, 2018

Week in Review: October 15-20

This week we told Great Lesson Three, introduced rocks along with discussing chemical and physical changes. As usual, our students continued with their progression through the math and language curriculum with lessons in grammar, creative writing, word study, Checkerboard Multiplication, coordinate grid, and more.