Wednesday, May 20, 2015

End of Year Reminders!

Hello everyone! It is hard to believe that our year together is almost done! Just wanted to remind you of a few things that will be happening as we wind down the year.

WEDNESDAY -  Progress Reports are sent home. PLEASE sign and return the progress report by Friday. 

THURSDAY- Lower Elementary goes bowling! Be sure to wear or bring socks!   We will leave around 9:30 and return in time for lunch.

FRIDAY - Comfortable clothes/game day! Students may bring a non-electronic game to play and may wear comfortable clothing. The cafeteria will be closed, so we will be ordering pizza. Dismissal is at 1:00. NO AFTERCARE!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Week in Review: May 4th-8th

What a great week! Students were busy at work completing quarterly reviews in Language Arts and Math, taking STAR reading and math tests, and completing choice jobs. For cultural jobs, students began a unit on the human body. Students focused on the central nervous system and the different parts of the brain.

The highlight of the week was Field Day! Despite the heat, all the students had a great time!

Next week, students will review fractions, practice counting sets of coins, edit sentences, and measure using rulers. It will be a great week! 

Important Dates
May 15h- Peace Ceremony 

May 15th-  End of 4th Quarter 

May 18th - Spanish Dance Recital 6:30

May 20th - Progress Reports go home 

May 21st - Lower Elementary goes bowling at Oak Mountain Lanes 

May 22nd - Last Day of School - Dismiss at 1:00 - NO AFTERCARE 

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Week in Review: April 27th - May 1st

We had another wonderful week in Lower Elementary! It is hard to believe that May is here! The time has flown!

For language arts jobs, first grade students completed an adverb grammar box, reviewed synonyms, matched pairs of rhyming words, and sorted phrases from sentences. Second grade students reviewed synonyms/antonyms, placed sentences in a logical order, and reviewed rhyming words. Third grade students placed sentences in a logical order, were introduced to interjections, and analyzed sentences.

For math jobs, first grade students measured objects in grams/ounces, completed addition word problems, reviewed telling time to the quarter hour, solved subtraction problems, and reviewed the commutative property. Second graders reviewed types of angles, practiced front end estimation, worked with expanded notation, and reviewed the commutative property for addition and multiplication. Third graders worked with expanded notation, reviewed place value, identified numbers as even or odd, and reviewed the properties of addition and multiplication.

For cultural jobs this week, students explored reading thermometers. We look forward to beginning our study of the human body next week.

Here is a glimpse into our fantastic week:

Maddie is hard at work on the bead chain. 

Juan completes a synonyms job from the word study cabinet.

Tessa, Eva, and Sophie record their phrase and sentences work. 

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Week in Review : April 20th - 24th

We had a great week in Lower Elementary! While the third graders were busy with testing, first and second graders were busy with jobs!

For language arts jobs, first graders reviewed compound words, explored long vowel sounds, were introduced to adverbs, and edited sentences for capitalization. Second graders reviewed common and proper nouns, had further practice with antonyms/synonyms, edited sentences, and completed work with a pronoun grammar box.

For math jobs, first graders solved subtraction problems using the stamp game, reviewed how to add fractions, and practiced counting mixed coin amounts. Second graders solved division problems, added/subtracted fractions, and completed word problems containing money.

The highlight of our week was a visit from Sophia's dad. For her share, Sophia chose to have him bring in three of her family's snakes! Everyone enjoyed petting the snakes! Students were excited to learn the names of the snakes, where they came from, and what they ate.

Next week, students will have continued practice with all math operations, begin a unit of study on the human body, work with grammar symbols, use thermometers to measure temperature, and much more! It will be a great week! 

Important Dates 

4/30- JBMA Art Show 3:00- 7:00
5/8 - Field Day 

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Week in Review : April 7th - 10th

Students had a great week back from Spring Break! We enjoyed our time seeing "Robin Hood" at Children's Theater and playing at Veteran's Park afterwards.

For language jobs, first grade students identified rhyming words in several poems, symbolized sentences containing prepositions, and were introduced to similes. Second graders were introduced to several different types of poems (ballad, epic, blank verse, ode), symbolized sentences containing adverbs, and were introduced to similes. Third grade students explored poetry, analyzed sentences, and explored similes.

For math jobs, first grade students reviewed geometric solids, were introduced to subtraction, and explored liquid measurement (pint, cups, gallons). Second grade students solved division problems using the test tube materials, explored liquid measurement equivalences, and explored geometric solids.

For cultural jobs, students went outside and identified common decomposers found in nature (worms, beetles, etc.). Students also began studying the body functions of the five classes of vertebrates (fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals).

Next week, students will explore poetry, have continued work with similes, solve problems containing all math operations, and expand on their knowledge of liquid measurement. All students will continue their study of weather and vertebrate body functions!  It will be a great week!

Important Dates 
4/20- 4/24: Testing for Third grade students 
4/23: Last day to order Field Day T-shirts 

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Field Trip to the Children's Theater on Thursday

Dear Parents, 
We will be attending a performance of Robin Hood on Thursday, April 9th. The children will need to return their permission slips as soon as possible. We will also be going to Spain Park afterwards to enjoy a picnic. Please prepare a sack lunch with a drink for your child on this day. Thank you! 

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Week in Review: March 23-27

Students had a great week reviewing skills and catching up on other jobs. The highlight of our week was a visit from Dr. Denny (Sara Elizabeth's Mom). She shared a little bit about her job as an orthodontist. Students had a great time looking at the various models of teeth that she brought!

Next week (April 7-10), students will explore poetry, symbolize sentences, identify similes, and learn about the basic body functions of vertebrates! It will be a great week! We hope that everyone has had a wonderful Spring Break!

Important Dates 

4/9 - Lower Elementary Students to Children's Theater
4/9 - 7:00 Dr. Vivian Friedman speaks on "How to talk so your child will listen and listen so your child will talk"