Saturday, March 14, 2015

Pi Day!

Lower Elementary students celebrates Pi Day (3/14/15) a day early by completing several math stations. Students had a great time and we ended our day with some delicious cherry pie!
Mrs. Genie using Montessori materials to show Pi (3.1415..)

Graphing the first 100 digits of Pi 

Hearing the story Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi 

Creating strips with the first 12 digit of Pi

Measuring cans of various sizes to determine Pi 

Graphing the first 100 digits of Pi 

After using string to measure the circumference of these cylinders, students then stretched that string across the top for the diameter. After cutting the string, students found they had three equal pieces and a little piece left over! 

Happy Pi Day!!! 

Week in Review : March 9th - 13th

Students had a wonderful week in Lower Elementary! Students were busy at work!

For language jobs, first grade students wrote sentences with prepositions, found synonyms in a thesaurus, and explored words that contained the long e sound. Second graders reviewed plural possessives nouns, identified the correct adverbs in sentences, and put words in ABC order by the second or third letter. Third graders analysed sentences, reviewed plural possessive nouns, and identified the correct use of certain conjunctions.

For math jobs, first grade students completed multiplication problems, rounded numbers to the 100's place, reviewed time to the hour/half hour/quarter hour, and identified the parts of a circle. Second graders identified the parts of a circle, reviewed elapsed time, completed division problems, and solved addition/subtraction word problems. Third graders were introduced to metric conversations, completed problems with each of the four operations, identified the parts of a circle, and solved word problems.

For cultural jobs this week, students began a study of severe weather. Students viewed a video presentation and wrote a definition of a tornado. Students also explored various reasons flags are used. Students then created a flag that represented themselves.

The highlight of our week was our Pi Day celebration on Friday! Pictures to follow!

Next week, students will continue working with word problems, grammar, and math operations. Our third graders are very excited to go to Camp McDowell on Wednesday!

Important Dates 

3/18-3/20 -3rd Grade students to Camp McDowell
3/24 - Spring Music Program 7:00 pm
3/27- DISMISS at 1:00 (No Aftercare)
3/30-4/6 - Spring Break Holiday

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Week in Review: March 2nd - 6th

It is hard to believe that the third quarter is over! Where has the time gone? Students have made so much progress and they are very proud of their work. We had a good week reviewing concepts learned this quarter!

For language arts jobs, first grade students reviewed synonyms, noun families, plural nouns, and the long a sound. Second grade students reviewed plural possessives, practiced their thesaurus skills, edited sentences, and reviewed the parts of speech. Third grade students reviewed plural possessive nouns, edited sentences, reviewed homophones/homographs/homonyms, and reviewed parts of speech. 

For math jobs, first grade students reviewed place value, rounded numbers to the tens and hundreds place, counted groups of coins, and reviewed multiplication. Second grade students reviewed multiplication, solved addition and subtraction word problems, reduced fractions, and practiced solving division problems. Third grade students reviewed multiplication, division, factors of a number, and solved for equivalent fractions. 

Next week, students will explore the parts of a circle, solve word problems, and review the parts of speech. Cultural lessons will include lessons on flags, severe weather, and invention research. We will celebrate Pi Day (3.1415...) on Friday with several special activities and pie!

Important Dates 

3/11 - Progress Reports go home
3/12 and 3/13- Dismissal at 1:00 due to Parent Conferences
3/18- 3/20 - Third Graders to Camp McDowell

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Week in Review : February 23rd-27th

Students had an amazing week preparing for the International Festival! Students made the flag of Argentina from felt and did further research about the country! Students also completed quarterly reviews in Math and Language, took STAR Reading and STAR Math tests, and spelled a list of grade level sight words. It was a busy week!

We look forward to next week where students will be reviewing concepts learned this quarter!

The flag of Argentina made out of felt! 

The Lower Elementary booth! 

Lower Elementary students do a paper weaving art project!

Important Dates 

3/6- End of 3rd Quarter 
3/11- Progress Reports go home 
3/12 and 3/13 - Dismiss at 1:00 due to Parent Teacher Conferences
3/18-3/20 - Third Graders to Camp McDowell 

Monday, February 23, 2015

Contracts Due!

Just a friendly reminder that contracts for the 2015-2016 school year are due on Friday, February 27th!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Week in Review : February 17-20

We had a wonderful, but chilly, week in Lower Elementary! Students were busy with research, jobs, and learning our two songs which we will perform at the International Festival!

For language jobs this week, first graders reviewed antonyms and were introduced to prepositions. Second graders practiced paraphrasing, wrote sentences with adverbs, and separated words into syllables. Third graders were introduced to conjunctions, worked with analogies, practiced paraphrasing text, and separated words into syllables.

For math jobs this week, first graders practiced identifying even and odd numbers, compared numbers, identified types of lines, solved multiplication problems using the checkerboard, and reviewed number words. Second graders worked with expanded notation, compared numbers, solved division problems using the stamp game, and practiced division facts. Third graders worked with expanded notation, solved division problems, and explored divisibility.

For cultural jobs this week, students explored the history and meanings behind the flag of Argentina. Students also continued to prepare for the International Festival on Saturday, February 28th, by learning two children's songs commonly sung in South America.

Next week, students will continue to prepare for the International Festival. Students will also complete quarterly reviews, take STAR Reading and STAR Math tests, and select choice jobs from the shelves! It will be a great week!

International Festival - Students will present two songs from Argentina during the International Festival on Saturday, February 28th. More information on the exact time of our performance will come shortly! Please consider coming out and seeing all the countries represented! It will be a great time! 

Monday, February 16, 2015

Week in Review: February 9-13

We had another great week in Lower Elementary! The highlight of our week was our Peace Ceremony and Valentine's Day party on Friday. Thank you to all the parents who brought items and/or helped serve the delicious food! Pictures to follow!

For language jobs this week, first grade students sorted rhyming words, matched animals to the sounds that they make, edited sentences for punctuation and capitalization, and matched synonyms. Second graders reviewed antonyms and synonyms, wrote sentences with adverbs, reviewed common and proper nouns, and edited sentences for errors. Third graders wrote sentences with pronouns, edited sentences for errors, reviewed antonyms and synonyms, and identified common and proper nouns.

For math jobs, first graders were introduced to the checkerboard, changed improper fractions to mixed numbers, identified curved and straight lines, and practiced skip counting by 3's and 4's. Second graders worked with subtraction word problems, were introduced to division, solved word problems by adding amounts of money, and compared fractions. Third graders created factor trees, completed problems containing all four operations, were introduced to the distributive property, and compared fractions.

For cultural jobs, students continued their study of Argentina. Students also were also shown the Timeline of Inventions, which highlights important inventions from 4,000 B.C. up to more modern times.

Next week, students will review syllables, have work with all four math operations, create an Argentine flag, and explore expanded notation. We will have a wonderful week!


Snack- Last week, we reviewed the snack procedure with students. The following is the agreed upon procedure written by students and teachers. 

1.)  Students should be mindful of the time allotted for snack and will be responsible for finding time to eat between 9:00 and 10:30. 

2.) Four people at a time are allowed at the snack table in Classroom 3, while two people are allowed at a time in Classroom 2. 

3.) Students should eat only one or two small items for snack. 

4.) Once at the snack table, students may eat their snack while being mindful of the time. 

5.) When students have finished snack, they should clean their area and return to work.

Chapstick and Lotions- With the cold and windy weather, many students are having chapped lips and dry hands. If you wish to send Chapstick or lotion with your child, please do so with a note saying how often it can be applied.

2/18- Work Binders will go home
2/28- International Festival 4pm - 7pm