Saturday, December 4, 2021

A Week in the Lower Elementary Learning Environment


We are continuing our study of simple machines by examining the wheel and axle. Students studied  the components of a school wagon, doorknob and faucet. Many were amazed that the screw in the faucet and doorknob functioned as an axle.  A field trip to the McWane Science Center has been scheduled for January.  This trip will serve as a culmination of our simple machine study.  You can find the information and permission slip in Google Classroom.  We also our continuing our exploration of the commutative property in addition and multiplication.  We also worked on memorization of multiplication facts.  In geometry we looked for parallel, intersecting, perpendicular, divergent and convergent lines in our class room. Our cultural studies have focused on the Needs of Humans.  Grammar studies included verbs and pronouns.  Next week is set to be another action packed week.  Make sure to have your student at school before 8:15 each morning. We start each day with an 8:15 community meeting which often includes lessons and always includes a peace ceremony.  Thank you to each of you for all your continued support. 

Friday, November 19, 2021

Role Models in the Lower Elementary Classroom

          Our daily community meetings are continuing to be very productive.  Meetings are used to discuss classroom problems and solutions.  The solutions are the work of the students.  Students try out their solutions and report back to the community during a future meeting.  Students are encouraged to practice solving their own problems with the help of their peers.  Older students are crucial to the success of problem solving during community meeting. Maria Montessori knew when she observed children in the learning environment that mixed age groups were beneficial.  Younger students are able to interact with older students.  Oftentimes the interactions motivate and encourage a younger student to challenge his or herself in a way that may never have happened.  On the other hand,  the older students have a multitude of opportunities to serve as role models.  Role models are necessary in the Montessori learning environment.  Role models provide a physical example of how to function within the classroom limits. They are dependable, patient and content leaders.  Many times a student new to Montessori will be particularly responsive to the role models in the room.  Third year students are able to use all they have learned in the previous two years to practice leadership skills.  The sense of accomplishment, peacefulness and purpose acquired from being a class leader is often the start of a lifelong mission of service to others.  Maria Montessori knew that the solution for peace in this world starts with children.  The opportunity to serve others as a role model in a Montessori learning environment is the beginning of this pathway to peace. It is a daily joy to be in the classroom with your children.  We hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. "The greatest gifts we can give our children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence."  Maria Montessori


Friday, November 12, 2021

Veteran's Holiday Week


      The Lower Elementary students had a short week but it was action packed.  We reviewed lessons given in Grammar, Mathematics, Word Study, History, Science, Geography and Language.   It was an opportunity for each student to choose a lesson in each area of the classroom and repeat the lesson or come up with extensions.  The students were focused and intentional.  It was a joy to witness all of the hard work.   Don't forget that next Friday we are dismissing at 1:00 sharp for the Thanksgiving holiday.  Have a wonderful weekend.


Thursday, November 4, 2021


It has been a week full of interesting lessons, birthdays and cool weather.  The Lower Elementary students have been excited and full of anticipation.  We spent some time this week restructuring our classroom procedures to promote independence and peacefulness.  Each student is responsible for a class job such as sharpening pencils, watering plants, or rolling work mats. It is truly remarkable to watch each student rise to the occasion and perform their part in taking care of our environment.  They are content and satisfied at the end of each day. Independence is a key component of the Montessori learning environment.

   "Never help a child with a task at which he feels he can succeed."  Maria Montessori

Friday, October 29, 2021

Happy Halloween

We didn't let the rain and cool temperatures put a damper on our class Halloween celebration.  The two Lower Elementary classes showed off their costumes to each other.  Each student also had the opportunity to read a descriptive paragraph written about their character and costume.  A class favorite was the questions and comments that followed the reading of each paragraph.  We also enjoyed a special snack and drink.  Thank you to all who helped with our class celebration.  Happy Halloween!


Friday, October 22, 2021

Fall Festivities

 We had a wonderful turn out for our Fall Festival.  The games, treats and friends made it special.  The Lower Elementary students have been painting Storybook Pumpkins which will be displayed as a part of our Halloween celebration next week.  Also the excitement in the Lower Elementary has been building in anticipation of the Matilda production which takes place tonight.  It has been impressive to see the level of dedication and hard work the students have put into this event. Even though we have had a multitude of fall festivities, the Lower Elementary has continued with their hard work in the classroom. Presentations were given on physical and chemical changes, parts of a flag, the history of language, grammar, mathematics and of course extended lessons on reading comprehension. It was a fun productive week. 

We hope your weekend is peaceful.

Saturday, October 16, 2021

The Importance of Concentration

      Our first quarter ended this week.  The Lower Elementary students are now accustomed to a long morning work cycle each day.  The work cycle begins after arrival and a short morning meeting.  Students that arrive before 8:00 am have ample time to select a job and set it up before the morning meeting.  Once the meeting is over, students begin their work. Protection of the work cycle from interruptions is crucial.  The purpose of an uninterrupted work cycle is to promote concentration.  In a child, the ability to begin and retain concentration takes practice.   By limiting interruptions, we are facilitating the development of concentration.  If concentration is broken in a young child, it is rare that the child can achieve the same state of concentration in the same work cycle. We strive to keep interruptions to a minimum so that each child can reach his potential.  Please help your child arrive by 8:00 each morning.  This will give them time to set up their work for the day.  If possible schedule all appointments for late afternoon.  Thank you in advance for helping us keep interruptions to a minimum.